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  • RFE-OPT STEM Extension

    Hi DesiOPT, I have applied for OPT STEM extension and got a RFE. I want to know, if I have changed two employers and didn't mention one of them in the OPT extension, does that effect? I have mentioned my current employer only. Could you please suggest me.

    This was posted on on August 8th 2013

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    Can you please post the RFE to answer precisely. .Thanks


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      What is RFE? Can anyone please tell


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        Request for Evidence


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          Yes and it depends some times.. I got RFE for the same and they requested to provide evidence of first employer.


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            I had two employers myself while I was on OPT. I had an RFE too. Usually when you are on OPT, you have to report to your school any change in employers. This is how USCIS gets updated. If you didn't, they will pull up your application for more evidence. Once you provide all details, like pay-stubs or offer letters from both employers, you should be good!


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              Hi DESIOPT,

              Even my situation is the same, i have initially joined a employer "X" and took unpaid training then ran my pay roll for 1 month then moved to another employer "Y" where also i took unpaid training for 3months then started my payroll, and again to Employer "Z" which is my current employer. I have updated in my university, only first and last employer not the second one. So Now in my RFE they have asked me to submit all the pay stubs and related info about the job and employer from my OPT start date till today.

              Can anyone suggest me how to proceed?? Should i inform about my second employer now in the pay stubs or not?? Does USCIS know about that as my pay roll ran?? My situation is very complicated. pls suggest.....