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I-94 not issued and i-20 not stamped

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  • I-94 not issued and i-20 not stamped

    Hi guys,
    I have completed my Masters and have a Phd admit from Denver. However, I went back to India in July and returned on 5th August to start my Phd studies. My port of entry was JFK. I just realized that my i-20 was not stamped by the immigration authority and also I was not issued an I-94 card. But there is a stamp on my passport . Is that a big issue? Will it be a problem for me? I have also heard that I-94 is automatically stored in their system and we wont be given any cards. How am I supposed to go about this problem?

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      I94 is available online. I20 not getting stamped is not a issue


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        The immigration officers are no longer issuing I-94. You can print it out at your convenience after 24 hours of arrival from any computer using I-94 web link and entering your passport and port of entry information. The good think is that the I-94 is electronic now so even if you lose it you can print it again. But keep it with your passport all the time. I have seen many people with no stamp on I-20 so it's not a problem and anyways whenever there is any change in your information or extension of program, the immigration advisor at your university issues new I-20 and that one will be without stamp too. All you need is to keep the I-20 with original signatures from your school all the time with your passport.


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          There was nothing need to worry...they hv n't been stamping on I-20 since January 2012 and also CBP stopped issuing card i-94..they automated the process...but you need i-94 for any immigration benefits or status changes...all you need to do is go to the below link and fill and submit the form then it gives your alien registration number and that is your i-94. Keep some extra prints for future use...All the best..


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            hmm they are not stamping anmore on I20 and i94 is now electronic ..


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    !731713051 download you i94 here