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Low GPA 2.99 - No CPT, Will it effect my OPT?

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  • Low GPA 2.99 - No CPT, Will it effect my OPT?

    I am a computer science graduate student and I started studies in fall 2012.I got a GPA of 2.88 because I was not advised well and I took all difficult courses.So, I had to take a special permission to enroll for the Spring semester with a condition that I will make it above 3.0.But I got only 2.83 now and I took one summer course and now my CGPA will be 2.99, so all I need is a 0.01, I cannot enroll for extra summer courses as it is too late.I could not use a CPT opportunity I got due to low GPA and I still need permission to enroll for Fall 2013 because of 2.99.Will I be dismissed in this kind of situation?Is there any possibility that if I graduate this kind of scenario or having academic probation effect my OPT?Please let me know.

    This was posted on on July 29th 2013

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    Usually to graduate you will need a gpa of 3.0 that's the policy for every university! Talk to your academic advisor and ask them if you could repeat a core course or or take another subject to bump your gpa up above 3.0. Also it the universities decision to accept you and let you take another subject or dismiss you!


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      OPT there is no GPA requirement


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        It wouldn't affect your OPT chances. Although, firms you will interview for will look at your GPA. I'd suggest you to repeat the course where you have low grade (If it is an elective course, don't bother repeating unless you have a graduate assistantship). Only thing you should worry about is getting your GPA above 3.0 at the end of Fall 2013 semester. If you fail to do so, you may be dismissed from your institution. All the best buddy! Hope you come out of this situation!