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Employer change ...will it effect OPT extension

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  • Employer change ...will it effect OPT extension

    I am with employer A (from 5 months) ... thinking to change to Employer B now ... will there be any issue for my OPT extension if i change my employer now ...... i have seen few people getting RFE ..... for changing employer .

    1) What are the documents required to submit during OPT extension (regarding the employer change ) apart from the I20 we receive after submitting the offer letter and the OPT extension I20 and new employer offer letter (if i change my employer to B) .

    2) what documents o we need to submit our pay stubs as well in case if RFE is given ...(I had my pay roll run by the employer ,will USCIS know tht i had my pay roll ran )..i dont have my pay stubs, do i have to submit even those.

    Pls kindly advice ..Please post your experiences if any one has chnged their employer .......thanks in advance.

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      Dear Questioner,

      I have most of the employees just like you, they didn't get any issue as of today.

      1. I guess you are on 1st OPT, so if you change your employer, you need to update International Student Services office at your school by submitting your latest offer letter that is provided by new employer.

      2. During the extension, Usually we submit the last 2 paystubs of your current employer which will do good. In rare cases they ask for the whole year (where you need to provide experience letter or volunteer work you did for your old employer)

      3. Documents you need to submit are :
      1. Old OPT
      2. OPT Application
      3. Offer letter from new employer
      4. Check payable to USCIS

      Hope this answers helps you


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        Beware that the new employer (Employer should be e-verified. This is the foremost thing from any type of employer.


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          no problem you can change as many as employer provided you have to seethe genunity by e-verify in USCIS.