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Regarding Employer Change..Please suggest

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  • Regarding Employer Change..Please suggest

    I am with employer A (from 5 months) ... thinking to change to Employer B now ... will there be any issue for my OPT extension if i change my employer now ...... i have seen few people getting RFE ..... for changing employer .

    1) What are the documents required to submit during OPT extension (regarding the employer change ) apart from the I20 we receive after submitting the offer letter and the OPT extension I20 and new employer offer letter (if i change my employer to B) .

    2) what documents o we need to submit our pay stubs as well in case if RFE is given ...(I had my pay roll run by the employer ,will USCIS know tht i had my pay roll ran )..i dont have my pay stubs, do i have to submit even those.

    Pls kindly advice ..Please post your experiences if any one has chnged their employer .......thanks in advance.

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    In OPT you can change the employer anytime,that wouldnt be a problemw.If you are on H1 then you may need your pay stubs and client letter for the H1 transfer to Company A -Company B,else no need of all the documents.let me know you are on which technology as you said you dnt have pay stubs,yyou can simple search other job frm Company B and take the client letter from simple as that.
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