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OPT if fail in PhD qualifier

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  • OPT if fail in PhD qualifier

    I have just done with my Masters and already took my OPT.My question is if I will do PhD and can not pass PhD qualifier and get out with a Masters then what shall I do to find a status during my job searching period?As far as I know if I take a 2nd MS I will not get any OPT again.Please advice.

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      Question is not clear..You took OPT and going to do Phd?


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        Reader has already utilized OPT at Masters Level.Hence only option is PHD, which entitles for additional OPT time. If reader cannot clear PHD qualifier then -How to maintain Status during Job search?


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          You will give the qualifiers in the 2nd or 3rd year of qualifier. If you fail you will give again and again. Just in case if you fail. Tell your professors that you want to give in the next year and in the mean time enroll in subjects or research and start looking for job. But its tricky, if at all you get a job you could only start when they file for your H1 and when your H1 starts i.e Oct 1st.


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            Hi, I was looking for the same question. So, if a person fails in the PhD qualifiers, can they stay in the US on F1 status and pursue a CPT or something, if they are supposed to get a Master's degree from the same university at the end of that semester?