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OPT Extension RFE. Kindly help...

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  • OPT Extension RFE. Kindly help...

    Hi Everyone,

    I had applied for OPT Extension in early May 2013 and recently got an RFE saying...

    "Submit a copy of your employer's E-Verify enrollment confirmation notice showing the E-Verify ID number. The number you provided "xyz" shows a different company name than what is listed on the application Form I-765".

    So I contacted my HR immediately and asked them to provide the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). It turns out that the company name that they had provided me (say, company 'A') is different than what is mentioned in the MOU (say, company 'B') for the same e-verify number "xyz".

    Additional Info: Company 'A' appears on my pay stubs as 'A' is the d.b.a. (doing business as) name of company 'B'.

    So, I contacted my immigration in-charge at school and she advised me to submit the MOU citing the proper e-Verify number with company name. Meanwhile, I have also been trying to contact the USCIS.

    So, now I want to know if I should just submit the MOU and a cover letter, or something is missing here? Do I need to submit a new/corrected/amended form I-765? Do I need to ask my HR to contact e-Verify to confirm if they have the correct company name for the e-Verify# as specified in the MOU that I got?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated. Have really been worried about this lately.

    Thank you all again for your time in reading my post.