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If I work on OPT as a volunteer, will my OPT extension be rejected?

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  • If I work on OPT as a volunteer, will my OPT extension be rejected?

    I have completed Master in Computer Science and graduated in January 2013. Since Jan, I didn't have a job and looking for it. My OPT starts on February 2nd 2013. In April, I have submitted the consultancy name to my school and told them I am working as a volunteer in the company.
    -Do I need to submit any document anywhere apart from my school.
    -Now for OPT extension, when do I need to apply.
    -If I work on OPT(1st year) as a volunteer, will my OPT extension will be rejected.

    This was posted on on July 25th 2013
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    You wont be rejected if you work as a volunteer


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      apply November 2014 for the extension. your consultancy should provide u with a letter saying u r working with them since january. the letter should contain everify number of the consultancy. without everify number you r screwed. but they will certainly help you out. dont worry, your situation is not bad and u r planning ahead. good job


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        Volunteer work will be allowed till Feb 2nd 2014 afterwards you shouldnot work voluntarily anymore


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          should he apply November 2014 or November 2013 for the extension... second usually they ask for the pay stub... how will he show them.... as he don't have any pay stub...


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            What do u mean by he wont be rejected if he work as a volunteer... can u elaborate more please as I am also in kind of same situation....