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Nebraska service center:How long does USCIS take to process the case.

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  • Nebraska service center:How long does USCIS take to process the case.

    Hi all,I applied for my OPT from the Nebraska center. The case status says they received the application on May 3rd 2013. Its been 75 days and still it is showing initial review. I might have a full time offer. But since I don't have my OPT in hand they might not be very positive in offering that position. Anyhow I am not sure. Is there any alternative for me?

    -Can I request them to wait till I get my OPT card because its already been 75days or
    -Can I tell them I can work unpaid till I get my card. But it is not legal right?
    -Can some one tell me how long does it take for the USCIS to process the case.
    -Is there any way to expedite the process?

    My university admissions officer says there is nothing to do but be patient till I get the card. But I have to say something to the employer to hold my position.

    Service Center: Nebraska
    Application received: May 3rd 2013
    Initial Review: Since 75 days

    This was posted on on July 19th 2013

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    All these OPT delay post is really discomforting. Have they started being overly stringent on EVEN OPT now?


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      hey..... I was facing the same issue.... But would tell you just be patient, do not try to expedite or at least place a request because if you are application is next to be considered it might delay your process further and also you do not have an offer in hand yet..... And even if you call them, they just tell you to be patient as the processing time would 90 days and they can't do anything apart from tell you this reason. One more thing, you cannot work for a company without OPT card as it is completely illegal.... wait until your card arrives, be in good terms with your hiring manager, tell him that you are more interested in working with their company and you are waiting for the opportunity.....If you were already interning with the company, they would have asked you to continue but here it is in different way..... It generally take 60-75 days for Nebraska..... as mine got approved in 60 days and by the time I got the card was 70 days.... and BTW I applied on 29th April, 2013. As you don't have an offer in hand, you cannot expedite the process and show a proper reason from the company like severe financial loss...... so stay cool..... You would be getting it approved soon in a week.


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        90 days is the maximum time....So you can feel impatient on 91st day. They say 90 days but in most of the cases they will send in 75 days. Its illegal even to work voluntarily. You can expedite if you have offer letter in your hand