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Should I expedite my OPT application or just wait?

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  • Should I expedite my OPT application or just wait?

    My case is under Initial review as of now. Please suggest.

    Hi,I applied for OPT and the USCIS recieved my application on June 28th. I have the receipt number now.

    -I have a Full time job with a start date of August 19th and the employer said they will wait till the end of August.
    -My application is being processed at Vermont USICS. While applying I attached my offer letter too.
    -My case is under Initial review as of now.

    Any suggestions about the OPT Expedition or should I just wait. I m scared of loosing the job after the end of August. If the OPT doesn't kick in at the right time.

    This was posted on on July 17th 2013

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    I guess working voluntarily before having OPT approved is illegal


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      Hi,i am in same situation, can i have ur id pls?


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        Work voluntarily without salary until you get your EAD.


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          I guess you don't need to expedite your process as you have attached the offer letter. But I feel you should have attached the expedition form also. As far as I am concerned you will get it by August 15 in most of the cases as most of the students receive in 45 days but again every fresh application is new. Once call USCIS customer care and explain your situation. You should not work voluntarily also. It is against the rule. Expedite your process you will get it by august 15


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            Expedite immediately never know ..sometimes it gets what all tat you can as of now..! do not take chances..


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              Is it possible to talk to the supervisor (Level 2 officer) at USCIS and let them know our situation? Will it help?


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                No, he will say the same