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Still able to retrieve my I-94 number?? Currently outside US

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  • Still able to retrieve my I-94 number?? Currently outside US


    I left US in june and I remember giving my I-94 card back at the Airport check-in counter while exiting the US. Now as per the FAQ on the website I should not be able to locate my I-94 number but when I enter my details I can still see the Admission number.

    Is that a problem? Does the system think I am in the US? Also if you or you know anyone who is outside US, if they can enter their details and see if you get "Not Found" or a valid admission number, that would be great.


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      @all. As per my knowledge ur i94 number changes at the time of entry. So even if u stay out side of usa it shows I94 no.


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        Contact u r college ISO they might help u.


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          The i94 system has been scrapped off.. Its all finger printing.. I saw ur post in desi opt..but i guess people would not have it.. rather they can download it if they wish by going online..


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            they don't give out i-94 cards now, however, you can print your i-94 copy online. pls check this link


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              I am currently outside US. So it should say not found. Instead it says : admission number : *************


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                With my experience... I can say, it is not a big deal. When I first went to India, they forgot to take the I94 from my passport. It was still with me. When I came back, at my port of entry the officer removed the old one and placed a new I94. Hope this helps.