Hi All,

You Guys are doing wonderful job here.

My name is Rajkumar.

Case: i applied my OPT extension on Oct 26th 2012 but still my case is in Initial review. I have called USCIS several times(9times). they are saying background checking is going on for my case. In meanwhile i applied for H1-B Visa on April and it got approved.

My Question is that: My previous OPT got Over by JAN 31ST and my extension starts by FEB 1ST (everyone says like you can wait for 180 Days after your extension starts. My 180 day period is going to get Over by July 31st. and my H1 starts by oct 1st.

I have my H1B Approved Receipt with me

1: Is it ok to work for my Company or should i wait for My Opt extension card to be arrived or should i wait for my H1-B to get started?

2: Need to renew My DRIVER license too?

Please Help me Guys. I m in confused mood...?

Your Help is more appreciated