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  • EAD card back to USCIS

    Hi all, I applied for my OPT on May 9th 2013 and my EAD card was approved and mailed to me but unfortunately I have given the wrong zip code so My EAD got delivered back to USCIS on 27th June 2013 as an undeliverable.
    I have called them updated my address and placed a request to re-email to me. And, on 8th july 2013 they sent an email to me saying that your address has been updated and request is being processed.
    Now, when I check my status on it is saying that my card is under initial review again. I dont know why? Have anyone else faced this kind of situation. Kindly suggest me what to do as my opt has already started and I might receive an offer soon.

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    You will receive it soon. Call USCIS to make ssure


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      I had the same problem....I received the card couple of days after USCIS recieved the card


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        Which service centre?


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          I had the same issue. Just update your address with USCIS which you already did I guess and wait for card to receive at new address. Don't rely on status anymore. You can also give a call to customer service and ask for new USPS tracking number.