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Is it possible to get Dependent Visa and Renew visa while on OPT?

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  • Is it possible to get Dependent Visa and Renew visa while on OPT?

    Hello,I am a graduate student expecting to finish by next spring semester. My F1 visa is expiring on July 2014.
    I will apply for OPT at the end of my course.

    1. Is it possible to renew visa when I will be in OPT ?
    2. Is it possible to get dependent Visa, when I have OPT?

    This was posted on on July 12th 2013

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    the date on your I-20 decides your eligibility ot be in the States. If in the meantime your Visa expires then to you can stay in the country... however, if you leave the country, you need to get your Visa renewed...

    Yes you can get a dependent Visa, new issued I-20 will mention the dependents....


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      yOU HAVe TO BE IN F1 OR H4
      not both


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        1. I guess you mean if you go out of the country on OPT and your visa is expired, yes you can go for renew but that is risky. 2.It is very much possible to have a dependent visa while you are on OPT.


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          I don't think you can renew your F1 visa when you are on OPT. Its not a rule but its understood that you won't get F1 renewed coz you are no longer a student and you will be working. So Visa authorities won't renew coz you are a potential immigrant