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No Awarding Green Cards for STEM Graduates/Phd ?

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  • No Awarding Green Cards for STEM Graduates/Phd ?

    Kiss Immigration Reform Good-bye

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    Proposed Immigration bill would increase the number of visas for skilled immigrants, award green cards to foreign-born students who earn graduate degrees in STEM studies.

    The House Republicans’ two-hour meeting yesterday on immigration reform was supposed to be private, a chance for the party’s pro-reform establishment and its anti-reform hardliners to exchange views away from the prying eyes of voters and the press. But enough noise leaked out from behind the closed doors to make clear what was happening, and it was this: the “long, slow death” that hardline Republicans promised for immigration reform has begun. It’s hard to imagine a more disappointing outcome for business in general and entrepreneurs in particular. is sharing the latest developments, This bill is not yet law hence all current rules remain in effect.


    This was posted on on July 12th 2013

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    doesn't this seem obvious!!! US would have become full of Chinese and Indians!!!