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Mistake on OPT card

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  • Mistake on OPT card

    Hi ,

    I received my OPT card today and was checking the details on my OPT card, my name, date of birth were correct but in the section where "male" or "female" has to be mentioned it was mentioned as "U". Except for this everything else is correct. So I contacted my "International affairs advisor" regarding this. She looked into my I-765 application and told me that I forgot to fill up that "column" in my application. She says that as long as other information on the card is correct it shouldn't be a problem. But I'm not sure whether to contact USCIS to correct this or not?


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      As long as ur last n first name r correct there is no problem to do ur job, but at the same time call USCIS and ask for new card...


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        how did you forget sir? anyways try contacting to USCIS directly and tell this is what it is ... they might solve the problem?


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          Call USCIS and report the mistake it generally takes 20 days to process your application. You will get it in 20 days. But you can work with this card. No worries. Don't hesitate to get a new one as it is free.


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            absolutely! They put the wrong picture on mine. Call ASAP because most companies don't hire you unless your i20 and your OPT card info coincides.