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Job prospects for accounting as it applies to F1/international students

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  • Job prospects for accounting as it applies to F1/international students

    Hello all. I am inquiring about the job prospects for masters in accounting for international students. From your experience (or word of mouth from a friend), is it difficult to find sponsorship for graduates with masters in accounting with CPA? I am aware that there are lots of demand for accounting majors, and there is also a overwhelming supply of accounting graduates. I also know that accounting majors could do IT work if nothing works out for them, as in unsuccessful to find auditing jobs, etc.

    I am tied between masters in Mechanical Engineering and Accounting, and considering that I am tight on money, I want to make a good financial investment. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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      Difficult if you are not in IT.


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        If you are not in STEM it is highly unlikely to get a sponsor. Mechanical Engineering doesn't have a great job prospect either. Go for software engineering, IT


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          Its better you get into IT. There also IT technologies not related to coding/programming. So choose those technologies and get into it.