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90-day unemployment period

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  • 90-day unemployment period

    Hello Desi-OPT,

    What exactly is the 90-day unemployment period during opt? my opt started on may 13. Unfortunately, I couldn't bag any job till now. What happens if I don't get any, before the 90-day unemployment period? Would there be any problems for me to stay in U.S or any other during H1 stamping? Please help me with how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

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      You are good. It won't be a problem. Make sure you don't get caught by Police through speeding and others. Good luck for the job. Get it soon BTW.


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        U would need to submit ur employer information before ur 90 days will be completed from the date ur OPT has started ..... Submit employer information attest two weeks before ur 90 day unemployment period as ur school might take a day or two to update the information ...... Don't wait u til last date .


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          Join in some consultency, They will provide offer letter without getting job also. Submit that offer letter in the university before 90 days period of OPT start date, Then you will be fine, No need to get job


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            If your opt had started on may 13 you should get a job before 90 days i.e on 12th of Aug. If yo fail to get a job and fail to report to school your f1 status will be gone. You should not be unemployed for more than 90 days in your OPT period. You try job for 15 more days, if you fail to get a job try to do voluntary work ...Take it easy .you are good as of now


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