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Changing OPT addresses online

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  • Changing OPT addresses online

    Hey Guys,

    I recently moved to a new house. I want to change the address on my application. I want to change it online available on their USCIS website.

    But I had a few questions:-

    Under customer information it asks me for a 9 digit number starting with A. The customer service from USCIS said that this was the alien registration number. Since I do not have one should I just put my I-94 number or fill in zeros?

    At the bottom of the form it asks me for the date when "my stay in the US expires" Is this my I-20 expiration date?

    Any help on this is appreciated.

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      there is something known as AR-11 form its available online on

      and if you can see, clearly the option where you have to fill when your stay in The US expires is NOT required, and If its NOT required then WHY do you want to fill it with not correct information.

      Your A number is the Number for Arrival-Departure card.
      This card is stapled in your Passport by the CBP officer at Port of Entry.


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        Hello while it is NOT required it does not allow you to proceed unless you write something there. So you need to put something there


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          You A number is not your I94 number. They are different. You will get your A number when you get your EAD. I dont know if you can use the I94 number but it is not same a A number.


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            I faced the same issue. Use a different browser and put spaces in those tabs. I finally mailed form AR 11 which was the easiest.


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              Expiration date is the one in your opt card


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                i think its much better for u to change the address by calling them and talking to the repp.


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                  Even I had the same problem but I called to USCIS and changed my Address. Initially they will mention that we need to send them address change form but not needed.You can change it by calling Customer service


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                    Thanks but they said they do not do it. Is upto each customer service rep