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OPT card lost: What should I do now?

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  • OPT card lost: What should I do now?

    My friend took my OPT card from my University and mailed it to me but on the way it got lost. What should I do now?

    This was posted on on July 7th 2013

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    Apply for lost card... I think there is a fee again


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      Yes, you have to repay. There is nothing you can fight against. Basically what you are going to do is to file a card replacement request. Since the original card has been issued, your 90-day restriction has started already if your requested start date has passed. If you get a receipt for the replacement application, you can start working. So look for job hard or wait until you get the new replacement receipt and start working.


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        Already u have a valid OPT card.. But u lost it... No matter what u are in status... U can continue working.. Nothing to do with ur card... Apply for the card.. And wait for ur card. Thats it.. Take care..