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Traveling to india after graduation

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  • Traveling to india after graduation


    I am graduating in coming fall and have to go to india for my marriage in december. Is it possible to apply for opt and travel back to USA while the application is still pending ? Should I apply for OPT before my graduation ? Is it better if I can get my OPT card before I re-enter into USA ? Please reply.

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    1. Apply before graduation
    2.When application is still pending it is better to avoid travel to India
    3.Yes, to re- enter on OPT you must have the card, its a very essential document


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      You can apply for OPT before your graduation but it will take atleast 2 months to get your application approved. As you are graduating this fall, you can apply before 120 days of graduation, so I recommend you to apply by sept or oct. And, also see to that you get a job offer or at least try getting a letter from your professor that you would be working under him in OPT if you don't find a job by then.


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        And you need your opt card and travel i-20 in order to re-enter. And, I strongly recommend you not to leave US when your application is in pending as it is highly risky and you would be denied entry into US.


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          Get the OPT card before you leave. you cannot apply OPT before graduating. get a job in some consultancy for documentation purposes.


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            I have a question too. Can we re-enter without Job offer but having an EAD card?
            I am thinking of graduating in december instead of may 2014


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              Apply when the OPT application date starts in oct..You can get the OPt card by December. Even though if you fail to get will get it after you went to India. Ask your friend to send it via post or other friends who come to India. Make sure that you have OPT card when you return. And get a job offer using any consulting firm. get the letter. HappIe Married Life Have fun...