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  • Port of Entry issue


    I have an H-1B approval which gets active in Oct and still in school. Will I have problems at the port of entry when I try to Re-enter on F-1 this July?

    What do you think? I'm still in school, so they should allow me to enter on F-1?

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    Your question will be posted on DesiOPT Facebook page-
    Date: July 8th 2013


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      How are you still in school and also in H1. did you not have to graduate to apply for H1.. are you in bachelors or masters?


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        I am on opt and got my h1 approved which starts from oct 1st 2013. I went to india in june and returned on f1 visa without any problem.


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          Firstly, In order to stop you they should have a legal reason. Some of the reasons are
          1.You worked illegally
          2. Violated F1 rules
          3. You are substantial debts and cheated people
          If you are going to returns as F1 that is what they see..They have no reason to stop you without any reason. It has nothing to do with H1 and all


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            I have same question


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              no issues...


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       Darshit Mehta - Did you try to call attorneys listed on ? Also, when do you plan to come to US, please don't forget to share your experience after you come back. Good luck!

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                  Sevis would read change of status at a later date... Should not be a problem..