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  • opt application after graduation

    I am a graduate student. I am graduating in summer -2013 , can i apply for the opt after my program completion date which is aug 15. Is there anything that says,our opt application should be received and accepted by uscis before the program completion date i.e august 15 ? after the graduation within how many days i have to send the opt application ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Question posted on DesiOPT Facebook. Refer link for responses:


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      i have a doubt can we pay opt fees($380) though credit/debit card..can anyone tell me the process if we can pay...


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          USCIS do not accept credit/Debit cards to pay the OPT fees... You have to pay with Cheque or else Money Order.... Only these two options can be used to pay the fees.. Let me know if you need any details..


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            Apply ur OPT in such a way that u r in status... It means apply as early as possible now.. Ur OPT start date should be no later than oct 15th... That means Aug 15 + 60 days.. If ur start date is after oct 15th it means u r in out of status.. I think u understood.. Take care.. Bubye


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              u can apply 3 months before and 2 months after ur graduation...


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                Refer this link for 'When to Apply for OPT':

                Pre Completion OPTA. Full Time Student for One Academic Year: An F-1 student with one or more than one academic year can apply for pre-completion OPT within 90 days of the beginning of the OPT date. B. Full Time Student for LESS than One Academic Year: An F-1 student with LESS than one academic year...