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How to expedite OPT application?

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  • How to expedite OPT application?


    First of thank you Desi-OPT, you guys are doing a great job here.

    My question is how do I expedite my OPT application? I graduate on August 3rd and start my job on August 5th.

    The USCIS received my application on June 4th along with the company letter. It has been on the 'initial review' phase for approximately a month and I am concerned that it will take three months to process.

    I would like to expedite it but I am not sure how. This website link: explains the criteria.

    I might be able to meet the first requirement but I am unsure of how to go about doing it. Has anyone had been able to expedite their application?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Your question is posted on our wall at as (as July 5th- Message 5) please follow the post and forum.
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      You can call and expedite it ...but they may require you to fax them your offer letter / a letter from the company stating you have to join by aug 5 otherwise you might lose the position/company will be facing an immediate financial loss etc.


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        I thought u if you wanted it to be expedited you should do it in the beginning?


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          If you had applied for OPT on June 4th you will get it by August 4th for sure. Because generally USCIS people say that it takes 90 days but most of them will be delivered with in 45-60 days.


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            It never takes 3 months to process. so donn worry about it


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              Hello just as a quick reply , I have already sent them my offer letter. From what I read online you need to send them another letter explaining why it needs to be expedited. Do you know anything about this second letter?