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Graduation delayed due to Grades- I have OPT card, Can I work and complete course lat

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  • Graduation delayed due to Grades- I have OPT card, Can I work and complete course lat

    Hi,I am a graduate student in computer science and I applied for my OPT in May.My OPT period starts from July 8th and I have a job starting from July 15th which I can't afford to lose.

    There was some problem with one of my courses where I had to get a B- and got a C+ instead. My university changed my graduation term from Spring 2013 to Summer 2013 until the grade changes.I'm requesting my professor to change my grade but I'm not sure if that will happen. I already received my OPT card and my OPT period will be starting on July 8th. My graduation date was May 25th but the course requirement problem came up sometime in June and they put me under sustaining degree till Summer 2013. I am yet to contact my ISSO as they don't have an available appointment time. Can I still work on my OPT and then complete my course at a later stage? Will this be a problem to start my job? Please suggest some options to me in regard of this situation.Thank you

    This was posted on on June 29th 2013

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    As per

    6.9 What happens if a student (excluding those students who have completed all program requirements aside from thesis or equivalent)
    applies for post-completion OPT before his or her program end date and subsequently fails to complete the requirements for his or her
    The student should contact his or her DSO immediately for guidance.

    -If the employment authorization application has not been adjudicated by USCIS, the student may withdraw the application by notifying the Service Center where the application was filed. The DSO should also withdraw the recommendation for OPT in SEVIS.

    -If the employment authorization application has already been approved, the DSO should extend the student’s program end date to the appropriate date. The student may work part time while enrolled in courses to complete the requirements for his or her program and full time during breaks and vacations. After successful completion of all the program requirements, the student may work full time.

    However, even though the student’s program end date was extended, because the OPT was granted as post-completion OPT, the student is subject to the 90-day limitation on unemployment. SEVP strongly recommends that a student who may not be able to successfully complete all program requirements on time defer applying for post-completion OPT until after his or her program ends.


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      you can work... Many of friends are working and they still need to defend there thesis....


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        Thesis is okay because it doesn't show as a course in it transcript. As long as your transcript shows no course taken aster the graduation date you are fine. But if you do work... You will get in to trouble applying for opt extension. I recommend you ask your dso to apply for the process of pre completion OPT.


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          I guess you need to convert your opt to pre completion opt and work.


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            If its thesis its fine !! but make sure u defend it before u apply for OPT extension.


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              Per rules, You can work part-time on Post OPT with courses.
              Since you already have the OPT card, it should be OK to work full time. Have seen people doing that.