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Made 4 service requests to USCIS but didn't receive updates. Is there any thing to ex

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  • Made 4 service requests to USCIS but didn't receive updates. Is there any thing to ex

    Hi DesiOPT, I am a student graduated a month ago from state university. I applied for my OPT in March. Until my start date I did not receive any update from USCIS. Mine status was in initial review. After that I received a RFE ( missing color photo copies of photo ids) which I submitted on the very day. It's been few weeks I did not receive update. I don't want to call Uscis and make a service request because I feel that if I make that they might think I am desperate( already made requests four times). My question is that when may I expect my card? And is there any thing or process to expedite?Would be glad if I get suggestions. Thank you in anticipation.

    This was posted on on June 28th 2013

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    You cannot expect any particular number of days . All you can do is to wait until you get some feed back.


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      You can call and state that I am financially loosing some money because I cannot join a company without the card. Moreover state I have to pay the loan bound to the masters eduction. They will expedite the process.


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        I am in a similar situation. A officer expedited my case and then they again sent me a letter to resend the photos and signature. Its been 16 days since I frst sent the photos. the new photos I sent reached today morning. Dunno how long they will take fr this process


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          uscis these days bothering OPT students like hell


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            i got RFE because of new PIC i submit with in week and got card in 2nd week. make sure you use same cover which USCIS send put RFE letter with in it. and just wait they cant deny your your application with out strong reason.\