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Applying for a Post-OPT and Pre-OPT simultaneously !!!

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  • Applying for a Post-OPT and Pre-OPT simultaneously !!!


    Can I apply for a Post-OPT before I get the Pre-OPT approved? Thanks in advance.

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    Your question is posted on our wall at as (as July 1st- Message5) please follow the post and forum.

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      I found this site has a similar discussion that may help a bit:


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        6.5. In SEVIS, what distinguishes pre-completion OPT from postcompletion OPT?
        The program end date distinguishes the two types of OPT. All precompletion OPT takes place prior to the program end date in SEVIS. Postcompletion OPT begins after the program end date.

        More information at this link:


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          6.6. If a student receives an EAD for 12 months of pre-completion OPT but finishes his or her course of study early, can the student continue to use the EAD issued for pre-completion OPT after the
          program end date?
          No. The EAD was issued for pre-completion OPT. Accordingly, the EAD is only valid for OPT prior to the program end date. The student would have to stop working on or before the program end date and file a separate
          application for post-completion OPT. A student will not lose any unused OPT from the original EAD. The student will only lose the OPT completed prior to the program end date.
          So, if a student applied for part-time pre-completion OPT from January 02, 2008, to January 01, 2009, but finished the course of study on June 1, 2008, the student would still have nine months of OPT available (the six
          months of part-time OPT used by the student would account for three months of the total amount available at that education level).

          More at this link: