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For applying OPT extension SEVIS database should match Transcript which don't now- Ho

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  • For applying OPT extension SEVIS database should match Transcript which don't now- Ho

    Hello guys who ever it is you guys do a very good job. I have a problem with my OPT extension can you tell me the best solution to this. On my semester update form I have updated I m gonna graduate by Aug 2012. And applied for OPT and start date is from sept 10 th. But have few corrections in my thesis so couldn't make it in Aug 2012. I have updated this in my International students office. They told they have already updated in the SEVIS database that I have already graduated in Aug 2012. But I graduated in Dec 2012. For applying OPT extension the SEVIS database should match the Transcript which don't now. How can this be solved. Can your team bring me some solution so that I would get my status and OPT extension or else I have leave this country by September. Thanks in advance...

    This was posted on on june 26th 2013

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    That's not gonna be a problem for Stem extension... If you are not graduated while applying for Stem that might deny the process


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      Don't apply OPT now. its better to apply after your thesis and completion of your graduation...


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        Did you find out any solution. i am also in the same problem i was hoping to defend thesis this summer . but it look like i cant defend because on commite member saying the work i done is not enough. so i have do defending in fall 2013.
        But i have submitted intend to graduate form. do you thing i can apply OPT now and defend the thesis in Fall.


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          Hari Muv--Actually my DSO is denying for OPT extension as it was already updated in SEVIS database she can't make retro active changes...Is there any way for this??Can I call USCIS and let them know about the situation...


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            Hari Muv--Are you sure about this??