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Working on cpt as software developer while doing MBA

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  • Working on cpt as software developer while doing MBA

    I'm currently on F1 status working with CPT as software engineer while doing MBA as second master ( my first degree was in cs)
    so I'm about to apply for green card through a job and the lawyer is saying that the case has 50% chance approval n 50% denied due of status violation while working with CPT in unrelated field.
    So he suggested me two options:
    Either leave the country for a day and come back to via automated visa re-validation when travel to Mexico or Canada in order to clear my prior status violation
    File the application as is and expect n RFE asking why the current job doesn't match with your degree while working with cpt?

    Has anyone gone through this issue previously ?
    please help and share your experiences ,also any suggestions and advices would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

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      Software engineers and those working in computing and IT in general can benefit from a wide range of subject areas covered by today's MBA programmes.


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