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CPT Problem - Out of status

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  • CPT Problem - Out of status

    CPT Problem- Out of Status
    One of my Friend started doing Internship without applying for CPT. He taught that its okay to start work and apply for CPT later and submit it to company. Company asked him the I20 and he should the I20 he had. After 15 days payroll got generated and Department of Homeland Security send an notice to my friend saying that something is missing in the documentation contact your ISSO office when my friend contacted the ISSO they told it was illegal to work and now he cant apply for CPT or OPT in the future, He also has to resign from internship which he did immediately .
    They give few options to my friend:
    i) If the company deletes the records of him from payroll etc.
    ii) He has to leave this country and re-enter so that he has new I94 and then he can apply for OPT & CPT.
    Any valuable suggestions are really appreciated......