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Tragic story of an OPT guy who is looking for STEM OPT Extension

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  • Tragic story of an OPT guy who is looking for STEM OPT Extension

    Hello everyone,

    I have done my Masters in 2015 December. I got OPT in January 18th. My employer is not willing to sign I-983 form (He told me that if I can get job before October then he will sign extension). From past 2 months I am looking for employer who can sign I-983 for my stem extension. I tried approaching all the employers from my contacts. No employer is willing to take OPT guys that too who are looking for extension. My old employer ran 2 months payroll from March to May. I have no relatives here who can take care of my situation. Till now I don't have job. I cant go back to my home country. Please help me in

    1. How to look for employers who can sign extension without any reference (I mean employer reference)
    2. Is it okay to apply with two pay stubs
    3. After getting STEM approved what is the minimum amount need to be run for payroll like 2000 or 3000 per month

    I was totally depressed about my situation. Please don't discourage me. Thanks for taking out your time. I know someone can relate to my situation. Only few days left for me to be in status. Please help me out of this fiasco. Sorry for lengthy question.

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        Did your problem get solved? A lot of people commented in your post which was automatically posted by Desi OPT(I think). If not, please reply.


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          Payroll is not mandatory in opt ,you can do voluntary work in opt .when comes to extension as per new rules it's mandatory to get signed .


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            As long as your job is related to major every employer signs I983 form. Incase your case ,I am sure your job must be through consultancy thats the reason your employer is not signing.


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              Found Employer

              Hello friends,

              Thank you very much to each and everyone who have supported and commented on Facebook.
              Luckily I found one employer who is willing to sign I-983. Yes my problem got resolved.
              This one boosted my moral support.

              Once again thanks to DesiOPT team and platform


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                Thanks for your concern bro. My problem got resolved


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                  Hey bro.....can you share the details of the employer. Even I am looking for employer who is willing to sign i983 form.please do reply me. Thanks in advance