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F1-Met with an accident with expired license

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  • F1-Met with an accident with expired license

    Urgent Suggestion: My license expired in Sept 2017 and I moved to a new state in the same month. Met a Uber driver who lend his car for me for 400/month. I applied for my opt stem extension and received it recently in Dec 17. I Was about to go and get my licensed renewed and met with an accident on the way. Since the title of the car was on the uber owner he started the claim from the insurance department and the adjuster from the department decided that the car cannot be repaired and should be totalled completely. The Insurance people took my statement as well and recorded my statement. The state trooper gave me the report with my Kansas driving license but the report did not say anything it was expired. We informed the Insurance department that I took the car from him only last night and this accident happened early morning today. The car slipped on a black ice and flipped couple of times hitting the pole on the road side. What problems can I face in this Issue ? what if the Insurance department reject the claim ? What will be my options ? Please suggest

    Many Thanks

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        You were driving the car on an expired license. This reason alone is enough for the insurance company to reject the claim. The claim might be approved if you had a valid driver's license, you were listed as a driver in that car's insurance on the date of accident and the car had comprehensive insurance.


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          Which year are you living in again? I hope you think your license is expired but is still valid till sept 17, otherwise insurance company will reject the claim..


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            If the car is insured with full insurance, it doesn't matter who is driving the car for the insurance companies. The actual cash value for the car would be given to the policy holder.


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              Full insurance means full insurances covered only for the drivers that are listed as drivers


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                Full insurance means full coverage on the car regardless who was driving however the person need to have a valid driving license.


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                  Nothing will happen this accident will be in your history for 3 to 4 yrs and your insurance will go up and if the insurance got. Rejected you have to pay the cost of the car to the uber driver based on the cost in kbb that is the fair trade


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                    I don't think your license actually expired, but the visa date on license expired. I mean there are 2 dates usually, actual license validity is often longer, and the visa status date changes. In such a transition state, the NY DMV had suggested me once that as long as i carry my license along with I20, I am fine. That is why probably they did not put in the report that your license expired because technically it didn't. So try looking into that, might come to you hiring a lawyer later.


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                      If someone lends you car then they are responsible. You didn't steal it so nothing to worry.


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                        Many insurance companies say if you lend car from owner with permission then car will be covered -- geico, progressive etc..


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                          License expiry for students is legal status expiry, they will consider the date of expected graduation on i20. Contact DMV, they my extended. You are a eligible driver but your resident status you must renew it. Proceed with lawyer, before that contact DMV.