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Will taking Udacity Nanodegree help justify job in IT for non IT guys?

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  • Will taking Udacity Nanodegree help justify job in IT for non IT guys?

    Hi. I have a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from an US University. I couldn't find a job in Mechanical engineering but I was able to get a job in IT. I studied programming in Javascript and Angularjs my self and cracked the interview after a lot of tries. I am currently working as a contractor through an IT consultancy for about one year. I am in STEM extension now and I am confident that with my experience in these technologies I can land a full time job. However I heard from my friends that if I don't have a degree in IT/CS this may cause issues for H1 as I will be doing job non related to my field. (My consultancy currently shows me as a Programmer Analyst).

    My current justification for working in IT is just One of my courses that taught me numerical analysis. In this course I did programming in MatLAB and implemented many algorithms. My friends are saying this is not a good justification.

    So I was thinking of taking a online degree in IT. I stumbled into this website Udacity. They offer something called NanoDegree.

    I was thinking if taking one of these NanoDegree might justify my work not related to my field of study.

    Will Udacity NanoDegrees be considered as a valid basis for working in IT from a non IT field?

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        No i doesn't!


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          How did you get stem extension? No problems with i983?


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            Your logic of modifying Matlab works. Matlab simulation may require both mechanical and software understanding. As most people know Matlab is a simulation software that is used from automobile to robotics industry. A student with both mechanical and software understanding has an edge. What you can do is take more courses in the IT domain from your university or the others and get a certification of some sort.


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              You can also do a second masters in IT (may be too much to ask but worth keeping an option)