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OPT Application and visa arrangement for parents

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  • OPT Application and visa arrangement for parents

    Could Anyone please tell me the overall process of applying for OPT, I will be graduating this August, 2013. I will be having a 4 credit hour class from july to aug, and thats it I will be graduating, But I have no idea on how to apply for an opt. I also wanted to know how to invite my parents for my graduation ceremony. I will be doing a grad walk in december. Please suggest me, thanks

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    Your question will be posted on our wall at - please follow the post and forum - Thanks team


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      Your intl office will guide you for OPT and also for your parents or you can always google


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        contact international office of ur institution...


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          You need to get an invitation letter from your university mentioning about your graduation and your student status. and fro your parents side they need to show documents that they can afford for this trip, their intention to visit is only for your graduation and proof that they have commitments and would not stay long here