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Changing Employer during submission perion of OPT STEM Extension.

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  • Changing Employer during submission perion of OPT STEM Extension.

    Thank You DesiOPT for posting my previous queries. I hope to get a positive response for this query too.
    I have joined an E-Verified consultancy and applied for my OPT STEM Extension on last week of May. My application currently is in the "Initial Review" stage. I wanted to change my employer...
    1. Is it possible to change my employer? What precautions do I need to take to do that.
    2. If yes, then will it affect my OPT Extension process.
    Please suggest.
    Thank You.

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    Your question is posted on our wall at - please follow the post and forum - Thanks team


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      If your current employer is e verified, it's better to wait till you get your Stem extension. After which you can change your employer ..


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        PLEASE HELP - Here is a situation- H1 has been done by an Indian Consulting Company for my friend who is now Working for the same company on Opt-extension,however,Company is trying to lowball my friend with Pay by $35,000 per year.The company wants my friend to sign a contract/Bond in which its terms and conditions are very unrealistic. My friends H1 B application has not been approved yet, it has however been accepted in the lottery and is in the initial review stage. What can he do??If he chooses not to sign this contract and the company terminates his H1 B at this stage can he Transfer it to another company?


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          1. It is possible to change the employer while your STEM extension is pending. However, the process seems to differ from universities to universities. Here are some of the links that shed some light on this issue-

          Can I change employers while my OPT STEM application is pending?

          Yes, however you must submit an amended I-765 form with a letter of explanation and a copy of your receipt notice to USCIS. OIS will also issue a new I-20 form for you with the updated employer information to submit along with the above documents to USCIS.


          Can I change employers while the 17-month extension is pending?

          Yes. However, if the 17-month extension period has started, the employer must also be an E-Verify employer. The job change must be reported to your ISS adviser.


          Can student change employers while STEM Extension application is pending with USCIS?
          Yes. However, if the STEM Extension period has started, the employer must also be an E-Verify employer. The student must report the change in employment to his or her International Student Advisor. The Advisor must update the student’s employer information in SEVIS and the student should submit an amended Form I-765 to the appropriate USCIS Service Center, providing the new employer’s E-Verify number and a copy of the USCIS receipt notice for the first Form I-765. A brief letter explaining the submission should also be included. There is no fee associated with submitting the amended Form I-765. 2. I don't know. Hope it helps!