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opt 24 months extension without a job in hand

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  • opt 24 months extension without a job in hand

    Hello All,

    posting behalf of a friend

    graduated DEC 2015
    Initial opt start date FEB 2016 -- joined xyz desi company. provided the same information for college. he hasn't found a real job till now, there were no payrolls running. Now the employer is not ready to sign I-983. He is in search of an employer who can sign the I-983. Can he change the employer by the end of November, provide the info to DSO of the college and apply for extension in the first week of December? what are the possibilities of his extension without pay stubs and what are the documents he needs to provide to apply for extensions?

    Is there anyone in the forum who faced similar situation?

    Completed masters in EE. what is the position title he has to fill in I-983?

    Please help. Do not start bullying and lower his confidence. All the suggestions are appreciated.

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        90percent employers are not signing without having a project looking for an employer for more than two weeks whi can do it


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          1. Yes he can change the employer and provide info to the DSO and apply for Extension. 2. According to the Stem OPT rules he need to have a Paid Job. It would be good if he can find an employer who can Run payroll for him at least for three months. We don't need to submit any pay stubs to USCIS while applying for STEM OPT but if by any chance his application gets an RFE having no pay stubs will cause a problem. The documents needed for STEM are i756, i983, all i20's , passport and visa copy, i94, a check of 410$, two photo's and scanned EAD card. If you need further information please feel free to message me in person as i have also been through somewhat similar situation and hope i can help your friend.


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            Do they need a client letter too while applying for extension ?


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              No client letter is needed


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                How about saying he was in a volunteer position? No need of stubs then? Does it work that way?


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                  No Volunteer work isn't an acceptable source of work for the new Stem extension. It clearly states that the student should work under an employer for atleast 20 hours a week.


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                    Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
                    How about saying he was in a volunteer position? No need of stubs then? Does it work that way?
                    You can do volunteer work until the OPT extension gets approved. So no need of stubs to apply for Extension. I have no pay stubs, i'm form Mechanical background and my OPT got approved