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OPT start date approaches but application in INITIAL REVIEW

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  • OPT start date approaches but application in INITIAL REVIEW

    Hi ,

    I have applied for OPT around April 15th and my address was updated on their site on May 8th. The start date which I have put on my application was June 27th, which is fast approaching. My application still remains in " Initial review". Right now I don't have a job offer , so I'm planning to join in a consultancy. But my doubt here is that if I join a consultancy and don't have my OPT card, will I be considered as unemployed? Will my 3 months of unemployment period starts from June 27 th irrespective of me joining in a consultancy or not?

    Any insight on this matter will be appreciated.


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    as far as I know, you cannot work till you get the EAD card. so you may not be able to join the consultancy. Also, your OPT will start from the day the EAD card is finally processed, not the day you put as the start date.If your card is finally processed say 1st July, the OPT start date becomes 1st July....and you can join the consultancy July 4th-5th (whenever you get the physical card).


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      Unemployment date starts from date printed on card which could either be the date you requested or date they processed wait and see.


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        Dont wrry if the card arrives after 27th then the date starts from the date they dispatch the card but not jun from that day ur 90day period will strt