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USCIS error on EAD card

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  • USCIS error on EAD card

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently a recently graduated student on a F-1 visa and I currently have a full time job under the post-completion OPT.
    I received my EAD card back in August 2016, but it had an USCIS spelling error on my first name.
    I reached out to USCIS and I was told to send it back to the service center I received it from, along with all supporting documents and a cover letter explaining in detail what happened so that I could get a replacement card with expedited processing.
    Worried that it could take a long time, I sent it back with one-day shipping and the tracking number clearly shows that it was successfully delivered to the Texas Service Center.
    I haven't received any updates in regards to my EAD card's process since this all happened in August, but I still waited.
    Well now, I recently started working at a company full time and have shown them copies of my EAD card during the paperwork process since I have already returned the original card before I was offered this position.
    However, I was told that they need to see the actual replacement card as soon as possible or this could seriously affect my ability to continue working in the company. I was told to at least have USCIS send me a proper documentation or email stating that they have indeed initially received my original EAD card and are working on the replacement card for proof of this process.
    Unfortunately, the Texas Service Center has told me that they cannot assist me at all because they have forwarded my card and all documents to the Potomac Service Center. Yet, when I emailed the Potomac Service Center, I was not given any information at all each time. I emailed them again recently as my company asked me to, but this time they told me that USCIS never received my EAD card so they have no reason to work on it. I'm so stressed from this situation and have proof through my tracking number and the emails from Texas Service Center that it was initially received by the Texas Service Center. I have also called multiple times on the national customer service line, but each time they tell me to wait a couple more weeks and call back. Most recently, I was told by the customer service representative that he thinks my card has not even begun the processing and isn't sure what's going on.
    I'm scared of losing my job and don't know what else to do as communication with the service centers is going no where.
    Please help!

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        You can contact USCIS again. It should not be problem to correct


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          try to go to the nearest field office with all the poof and get a letter from one of the office .take the letter that ur hr asking for a letter they can help you


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            Call national service and ask them to transfer the call to immigration officer and tell them abt your problem


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              Local field office will not provide any letter, however if you go to any
              Field office they'll send an email on behalf of you in regards to your concern to the respective Service center


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                I had the same problem. I sent them my card and after one month , i got an RFE saying that, they never recieved mycard. Luckily i sent my documents through college. And my dso keeps a copy of all the documents before sending it to uscis. My dso wrote a letter as a proof that they sent the opt card. I got the card in 1 week after sending the response to RfE.