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DSO told that opt is denied. USCIS case status still shows 'received'. Reapplied on the 60th day, app got der 61st day

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  • DSO told that opt is denied. USCIS case status still shows 'received'. Reapplied on the 60th day, app got der 61st day


    I graduated with a Masters degree on 12th Aug 2016. I had filed for my opt on 29th June 2016. Since I missed a signature, they sent the documents back. I sent it back with a new check and a signature but since I didnt have my check book, my friend gave the check and mailed the documents to uscis. Unfotunately, the date on the check was invalid and they sent the documents back again. Now, they mentioned that the mistakes be corrected and sent back to uscis, so we did that. Now this time, they accepted it, but because of this, it passed the 30 day rule. I had no information that the 30 day rule is applicable from the start date of the opt i20, hence i had sent to documents again. Now, they have denied my opt and I got to know this on October 11 since I went to meet the DSO which is the 60th day from graduation.. He told me about the denial and immediately asked me to file it again since it was the last day. I did file it again but they received it on the 61st day. I am saying they received the documents because i tracked it on fedex that the mail was delivered. USCIS has still not updated the status on the website regarding the denial. Neither have I received any notice in my mailbox.
    I have refiled the application, but since I didnt have my denial notice, I couldnt attach the denial documents. However I have attached the documents with regards to the rejects and the mistakes that they gave me.
    What are the chances that my application will be accepted?
    If not, will I have the right to file for motion to reconsider since, they have still not updated the case status even after the case was denied on 7th october according to the DSO in the SEVIS system?
    Please help!

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        This is why I always tell people to use money order


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          OPT is one important in student process how can you be so negligent? This is what happens when you take things lightly.. All the best


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            USCIS is very strict regarding 30 days and 60 days deadlines. One of my client's OPT was denied because it reached USCIS 1 day late. In his case we were able to file an MTR successfully because of the facts relevant to his situation. Looking at your case history, make sure you write your arguments strategically and try to convince the officer that your OPT must be approved because of various reasons. Talk to attorneys who can prepare the legal brief for you and fight the MTR to get you a good chance of success.


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              That's so careless. You could have just used a Cashier's check if you don't have a check book.