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How can I speedup my OPT process?

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  • How can I speedup my OPT process?

    I am on F1 visa. I have to apply for OPT soon. I have a full time job offer and they want me to start around August 1st.
    I have my defense scheduled on July 2nd. Only after my defense I can apply for OPT as per University rules.How can I speedup my OPT process?

    This was posted on on June 15th 2013

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    You can apply for OPT 90 days prior to your graduation date... That's USCIS rule I believe... Moreover no offer letter is required while applying. Since you have one you can use it. As far as i know their is no way to expedite your OPT application during the initial 90 day processing. Clarify your doubts with you ISS DSO.


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      I think you can apply for the opt before the graduation date. But you can always select the opt start date. Don't understand why your university does not allow to apply earlier. I believe uscis rules stands same for all.