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I have been on vacation for 3 months on OPT. Will I be out of Status?

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  • I have been on vacation for 3 months on OPT. Will I be out of Status?

    Hi, I am on OPT status and its been three months since I am in India. I do have an employer letter saying that I am full time employee and I was vacation from March-June. Planning to go back now, will it be a problem at port of entry? I heard from my friends that if a OPT person is out of US for 3 or 5 months he will be out of status? Is that true? Please let me know. I have my payrolls and all payrolls are from OPT work period only. Thank you.

    This was posted on on June 14th 2013

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    how much time still left to your extended OPT?


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      My friend left for 3 months and came back. No problems


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        lol , thats insane !! what you have been doing in India , when your job and career is here in US , anyways , i guess as long as you are employed you are fine !! its just unemployment period which counts , and it should not exceed more than 3 month , either in US or outside US , but i will ask you to double check because as far as i know , if you are outside US they count that period as unemployment period , and if you are on OPT you can not be unemployed for more than 3 months , anyways , Best of Luck


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          If you have worked from home then you have chances of getting in


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            you need a letter which supports you that you are in India working for company back in USA