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  • Travelling To India On OPT

    This is my 7th month of OPT period and I am working as a contractor in some company through some consultancy. I have to travel to India in mid November this year for 2 weeks. My concern is, will there be any issue at the immigration center while returning back to US as I am working as a contractor. And what all supporting documents should I take in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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      [B]Alert: Lot of students who are on opt were stopped for further verification[/B]

      Its been a week since my return from india during opt.
      Docs required: employer letter, travel i20, ead card, pay cheques.
      Port entry: Boston
      Experience: when entered boston the officer asked me which university, since when i am in us and was about to stamp then he asked me are you on OPT. I answered yes and presented my EAD. He then said " there will be further verification downstairs "and made me wait for 30 mins. After that they took me along with 10 other people who are on opt in to a room and asked me " who are u working for, employer location, since when are you working, what is ur designation, ur day to day activities, if your employer is staying in michigan state why are u heading to dfrnt state" .
      So no matter what be prepared to answer these questions . Lot of students who are on opt were stopped for further verification(included indian,chinese,russian).
      Have a safe trip. Good luck

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          after the verification did hey allow him to enter into US and in that case how much time did it take?


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            They did allow me. It took me good 1hr for the whole process. And yes this was my experience


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              It's just an opt thing. You have to ask your school to update all the details else you will be always asked to go to secondary check. I have been stopped twice at Sfo for the same reason. Even my friends have been stopped at various other ports. Authorities are just concerned about your details being updated on the system.


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                Is it safe if we work full time and the same related field of study during opt?


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                  Hi I am planning to visit india on Sep12 and come back on 30th. My employer is in Texas and my client at Boston. I got letter from client stating am working for them through 3rd party . I will get letter from my employer too. So what more letters do I may need