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Wrong name printed on OPT Card, How long does it take to get a new one?

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  • Wrong name printed on OPT Card, How long does it take to get a new one?

    I received my OPT card this week starting and found that my first name has been printed wrongly. The second half part of my first name has been repeated twice. I checked the copies I submitted to USCIS and the fault was not from my side.I called the USCIS customer service and informed them of the error. The representative took all the details and raised a request for expedite processing. She also said that the USCIS may contact me regarding this in business days and if I do not hear from them in 5 business days then it may take more time before USCIS starts looking in to this. What more can I do in this regard. Also can someone with similar experience or has heard of this kind of situation before tell me how much time is it approximately going to be taken by USCIS to process my request and send me a new OPT card? Also will the start date be different from the previously approved OPT card or will it be the same?

    This was posted on on June 8th 2013
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    I faced same situation but they replied me in 2 weeks and received my card in the 4th week after raising gv one full month for the processing....


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      What was the start date in your new OPT card? Was it similar to the old OPT start date ?


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        dont worry employer will understand


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          I had the same issue but then it is advisable to contact USCIS through your university ( International services) And I guess it will hardly take 2-3 weeks for you to get the new card. Your start date would be the same. Also you can continue using your old card till you get the new one. But once you get the corrected card, you have to send the wrong one back to USCIS.


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            did you again pay the fee and fill out the new application ?


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              No we needn't pay or fill the application again if the mistake is on their part...