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85 days-My case is still under initial review. What can I do to expedite OPT card pro

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  • 85 days-My case is still under initial review. What can I do to expedite OPT card pro

    Hi I have been waiting for about 85 days since I received the receipt for my EAD card. My start date was June 1st but since I don't have the card I can't start my job. My boss has been understanding so far but I'm starting to get desperate. All my paperwork is in order but my case just doesn't go past initial review. Is there anything else I can do?

    This was posted on on June 6th 2013

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    Which service center is this?


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      Call uscis


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        80 days if application its still in INITIAL review

        I tried calling USCIS.

        But what extension to dial. ?? on which menu i should go..?


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          Panti - Your question will be posted on our facebook wall at - please follow the post and forum - Thanks team


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            Just call 18003755283 and follow the instructions accordingly. Also have your receipt with you because they ask for the receipt number.


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              listen to options (option might vary)

              If you have questions about forms,card.. must be 1

              Again the menu will ask if you know your uscis id please press 1 if you dontknow please press 2

              Go ahead and press 2

              It will give you some options to trace out your uscis id on EAD card
              If you have found out uscis id it will ask you to press 1
              if you still didnt make out where is your USCIS ID then press 2

              eventhough you have USCIS ID goahead and press 2 that will redirect you to USCIS customer service agents

              there you can talk about your issue . Hope this helps.


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                The steps described in the above post are correct. I recently followed the same stpes.