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Travel during status h1 approved but on opt

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  • Travel during status h1 approved but on opt

    I got my H1 approved last Friday.
    I would like to travel to india during aug 20th to sep3rd,returning sep3rd.
    My opt is till sep14th with cap gap until sep30th.
    My question is.. Is it safer to travel during the above mentioned days? If yes, do i need to return without my h1 stamping done as it is usually said that, if i got h1 stamping done, i can return only after sep 15th.

    I heard that there will be only 50-50 chances that they allow me to return into the usa as there will be only 10 to 20 odd days left on my ead card.

    Let me know if Its safe to travel during the above mentioned days

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        H1B officially kicks in only on Oct 1st. Its a risky thing to travel now. I would avoid it if possible.


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          I entered on last day of my opt into us with my stem extension pending.. There wasn't any trouble for me.. H1 is valid only after Oct 1,unless your employer has changed the date..
          Possible cases
          If you leave on said dates, If you get your stamping done in India, you can only reenter before 15 days of your H1 start date again into us

          If you don't go to stamping and return on said dates, You ll be returning as your current status into us..

          In your case cap won't be counted if you leave the country. Also mind that if something gets screwed, unlikely, in India during your visa interview or process you'll be having trouble..

          As said above, unless it's important, don't travel because every port of entry is different.. Better be safe than sorry.. You'd be traveling a bit late than planned, that's all..


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            It's absolutely safe to travel on the dates you mentioned! Go and come back before Oct 1st. Need not have to go for stamping too. You will officially get on to H1b from oct 1st.


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              If you plan to travel, you need to go for stamping too and then come back to USA. If you do not go for stamping during the trip, it might be a risk at the port of entry. So better have done with stamping and come back if planning to go.