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  • RFE on Stem extension

    I am having a bit of problem and was hoping to get it resolved from your end.
    My current opt is getting expired in June, 2016 and I had already applied for Stem extension in March, 2016. But because of the new rule being passed I received a RFE.

    Well, I already have a new offer letter in hand from a new E-Verified company.

    a) Is it possible to switch the employer when having a RFE.?

    b) If yes, would it create a problem because USCIS has my I20 already with old employer's name?

    b) Lastly, what is the procedure to switch employers?

    I appreciate your help in advance. Please let me know at the earliest.


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      Even I am in same situation... Please do let me know if you find answer. I would really appreciate your help thanks.


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        I will keep you informed as soon as I hear anything. Meanwhile if you hear something about this process, keep me posted!


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          Your message was posted anonymously on our Facebook wall at 31st May - Please review comments from other users


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            I am in a same situation too please inform me if you hear anything.Thanks.


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              Yes you can change. Many don't recommend it but I have seen my friends change and there was no issue.
              You need to attach an amendment I guess that you have changed your employer. Ask your DSO what are the documents for that.


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                Still there is no forward case with RFE, Better you should approach with Attorney then fill the form.


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                  I have the same issue and it shouldn't be a problem. The new form and new i20 that you generate should work out best for you. Make sure that the form reaches USCIS within 10 days of your new employment start date just to be on the safe side.


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                    Thanks for sharing the information. Do I have to submit the I983 form? I am not asked to submit this form in RFE letter but new I20 which should include a date after May 10 and some subordinate documents such as transcripts, degree, etc. I do not want to be in a situation where I submit I983 form without being asked?


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                      The form i-983 is the form based on which your school will generate a new i20 which you need to submit to USCIS and not the actual i-983 form. I think you should consult your international student advisor. He/she should be able to help you further.


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                        Talk to your DSO