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OPT will be denied, need help for advice!! (version2)

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  • OPT will be denied, need help for advice!! (version2)

    I put a assembled version here, can the admin help me delete my last post?(!!!) I cannot do so.
    In a short version of my opt applying problem, my application was received by the USCIS at May 9, but my I-20 was issued at Apr 8, so it will be denied because USCIS received it not within 30 days when my I-20 was issued.
    Are there any help on what I can do for the case? Can I withdraw it and resent a new one at once?

    My full sequence of events in my opt application is as as follows:
    First case:
    Apr 12 -- sent my first application.

    Apr 14 -- my first application was delivered.

    May 2 -- got no response from the USCIS(no receipt no.) and called the USCIS, they told me to resent a new file.

    Second case:
    May 3 -- sent a new application by usps in the morning (expected delivered date was at May 6). at that day in the afternoon, I received my rejection files of my first case indicate that my check cannot be cashed because I wrote a wrong date.

    May 9 -- my second case was finally delivered, but my i-20 issue date is Apr 8, so my second case didn't received by the USCIS within the 30 days when my i-20 was issued, it would be denied.
    In addition, I still in grace period(May 8 to July 7).

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      Hey I had the same situation. If you are not out of 60 days grace period (from date of graduation) You can resubmit your application.
      You have to do the following things

      1) Inform USCIS that you are withdrawing your old application
      2) Ask your school DSO to get new I20 endorsed with in 30 days
      3) Send an additional letter with your new application that you have applied newly because you have submitted old one wrongly
      4) Also get a letter from your DSO supporting your claim
      5) Copy LIN number of your old application and also mention it in your letter (point 3)
      6) Act fast because Once USCIS started processing your old application you have very less chance of success
      7) Do not panic your situation is under control


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          Didn't your DSO tell u that the application need to be at the USCIS desk in 30 days!? y did u take so long to mail application in the first place! y would to ask ur DSO to submit request if u wasn't prepared.. i mean!! all u can do is reapply, but i will suggest u looking into getting back to school and getting a higher degree.


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            you can reapply but it should reach uscis 60 days after the finishing of masters


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              I would recommend to make one more application and send it before July 7. If first one get dropped the check won't cash.and let's say both check get cashed your future is worth more than $380.(make sure you double check and don't send it again with wrong dates etc.)