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Quiting internship in middle for a fulltime job

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  • Quiting internship in middle for a fulltime job

    I have an Internship which I accepted. So it runs till Aug 2 but can I quit the internship in middle if I get a fulltime job?? Does it create any problem??
    Like is there any notice period which I have to give the manager??

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    Hi, good question. It depends on ur situation. I was in an internship for which i was getting credits and it was a fixed 6 month internship. I asked my uinversity if i could quit in between and they told me no, because if i did that, they wouldn't let me graduate on time.


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      This is more related to HR issues, not visa. Usually, 2 weeks is the notice period.

      Yes, you can quit but if credits or academic stuff is involved then you will not get the credits if you quit (which means you should not quit if you want to graduate as planned).

      If this internship is not for academic credits, you may quit anytime


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        Thank you very much for the suggestions. I dont have any academic commitments with the Internship as I am doin it on OPT.