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  • EAD card Delay

    Hi . I applied for EAD card on Nov 5th 2015. my 90 days period is over. I called USCIS many time to submit an inquiry and for the follow up. Now i got an email from USCIS that my application is on hold for some security check. Now How can i follow up. I don't have any information regarding that part. Please let know the steps to be take. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Mick! I am going through the exactly same situation. I too filed an application on November 10th and yesterday when my 90 day mark was about to reach I received an email regarding the delay in decision due to pending security check. My application was submitted to vermont SC. I believe its their way of circumventing the 90 days mark. I also read on a lot of blogs that its a common scenario for vermont SC. I called up the customer care and they said they cannot put a new SR till 30 days of this email. The only way out I see now is to wait even longer.


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      Hi d2016. First of all thank you for the reply. Yes mine is also in Vermont SC. Did the customer care people gave you any reason like why the delay is going on? One of my friend has same issue they gave him reason for some different name. If they give any reason we can process in that direction. Kindly reply me back as per your convenience.


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        No, they gave me no reason for that. They just said that its a usual process and everyone goes through it. Vermont SC is considered to be the busiest one among all and these kind of delays are expected. I had my joining date on January 18th and its been over three weeks now. I have just lost the will to fight anymore looking at the email yesterday.


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              thats the common ans u get if u insist ..


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                Hi Did you receive your EAD? Even i'm in same situation like security hold, its been 97days still pending ? Can any one help me out please with this ??? Will it be any problem


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                  Any update on your case??