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Confusion on OPT

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  • Confusion on OPT

    Hi Team,

    I am very confused about my OPT.I have to finish my Graduation last sem but my GPA was 2.96 so couldn't graduated and have to do one more course now.I have used Course reduction form as i have to do 2 courses last semester.

    My OPT supposed to start from Jan 2016 and but the status is still received .

    So should i Withdraw my OPT or i can use OPT and finish one course.Request you clarify me on this.

    Thanks in Advance.

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        What's a course reduction form?


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          As af-1 student you are required to take 9 credits every semester, if one is a part time student (taking less than 9 credits for a semester for any reason (graduating, medical reasons, financial reasons), then they have to get a course load reduction form signed by their DSO in order to maintain their F-1 status. Students usually do this during their last semester.


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            you can but you can work only 20 hrs during this period or you can with draw .if you are trained and ready to place go a head or if you are planning to go for trainning and then marketting you can with draw the application. as it is going to be time consuming


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              You are not eligible for opt while still taking courses (except thesis), however, you are eligible for CPT. OPT (assuming you are referring to post completion OPT), can only be applied after you have completed all your course requirements and not enrolled in any courses (except thesis). On CPT which is often referred to as pre completion OPT you can work both full time or part time (given that your DSO approves for you to apply for it since your GPA is lower than 3.0).


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                Let me ask you, do you have 3 gpa overall after the last sem and if you have when did they received your case ?


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                  I think you start opt only after you finish the course requirements. Once you finish them you have no reason to stay here legally except you are on opt. In my friends case he is graduating in may but still his opt starts on February as he has completed his requirements.


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                    Your OPT might be approved. However, you will only be able to work for 20 hours. Once you complete the course you can work full time.